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Following the Tracks Back in Timewhere are these trolley tracks leading? A silent reminder of transportation excellence of the past,  still visible in 2000, corner of Fourth and DeSoto
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Alexandria, Louisiana has a special place in my heart. I was born there, and lived there for the next 22 years. When I return there today, I see a somewhat different place, in a different time, from a different perspective in my life. There have been changes. Yet there are still many reminders of the times I spent there, the good times, the simpler times. Some landmarks have crumbled, others are in danger. Each time I visit, my mind takes a different track.

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Here's one of those many journeys back in time, to Alexandria as it existed in the year 2000.

Since that time, additional changes have occurred to the lifestyle, and landmarks in Alexandria ... but this "Original Retrospective" remains as a "slice of time", unchanged.

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