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Welcome to Pineville Louisiana ... home of Fort Buhlow LakeWelcome to Pineville, Louisiana:
Home of Lake Buhlow

Fort Buhlow Lake is a popular destination for various boating, racing, fishing and recreational activities. Built in 1956, it covers an area of 282 acres, some of which was former pasture land for the Central Louisiana State Hospital dairy.

It is bounded on the south by U.S. Highway 165, and the Red River to the north. At the west end of the lake is the historic Civil War-vintage Fort Buhlow, and an airport on the east side.

The lake is located at Latitude: 31.3356635 North, Longitude: -92.4449113 West, and sits at an elevation of 79 Feet above MSL.

The control structure is a Hydro Gate 36”x 36” heavy duty stainless steel slide gate. The outflow pipe is 36” in diameter. The lake's average depth is 5 feet, with a maximum depth of 9 feet.

Buhlow Lake is a popular fishing destination by both bank and boat fishermen. It has been stocked with channel catfish, but it is also known as a good spot to fish for bass and bream. It has no public piers, but the banks are generally clean, and anglers regularly fish from the banks.

The City of Pineville holds various public events around the lake. These include a 4th of July celebration, fishing tournaments, car shows, etc.

The lake is often called "The Fastest Lake in the USA". Events have included the Deep South Racing Association Drag Boat Racing Series.

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