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An important part of Central Louisiana, or CenLA, is the City of Pineville, located to the east of Alexandria across the Red River.

Pineville serves as the business and retail center for a number of small, surrounding communities such as Tioga, Ball, Libuse, Paradise, Holloway, Buckeye, Deville, Pollock, Bentley, Fishville, Kolin, and many others.

Pineville today has a variety of shopping centers, banks, medical facilities, hotels, and national chain retail stores to serve its residents and visitors.

Pineville is home to several large non-government employers including Baker Manufacturing Inc., Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Co., Crest Industries, LLC, and Dresser Industrial Valve, Inc. The Central Louisiana Electric Company (CLECO) corporate headquarters is located on the Pineville Expressway.

It was announced in February of 2015 that a new, $2.4 billion aluminum manufacturing complex will bring about 1,500 jobs to Pineville. American Specialty Alloys will build its first production facility manufacturing aluminum alloy at the site where the International Paper mill was located until it closed. Building the mill is expected to generate about 2,000 construction jobs.

The Central Louisiana State Hospital, the Pinecrest Support and Services Center, the Huey P. Long Memorial Hospital (recently closed), and the Alexandria Veterans Administration Medical Center are located in Pineville.

Located adjacent to the city is Camp Beauregard. Operated by the Louisiana Army National Guard, it is the headquarters of the 225th Engineer Brigade and is one of the largest engineer units in the U.S. Army. Pineville is also the location of Louisiana College.

Pineville's history dates back 275 years, and the city has retained many historic buildings dating to the late 1800s.

The population of Pineville was 14,555 in the 2010 census.

Korean War Memorial, Kees Park, Pineville, LouisianaKorean War Memorial, Kees Park
Pineville, Louisiana

The City of Pineville is governed by a Mayor and City Council, made up of citizens elected from five districts. The City Council meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00PM in the City Council chambers at City Hall. The current Mayor of Pineville is Clarence Fields.

Pineville Tourism, Attractions and Things to Do

The City of Pineville operates one of the area's most popular recreational areas, Buhlow Lake, offering various boating, racing, fishing and recreational activities. Built in 1956, it covers an area of 282 acres. Buhlow Lake and surrounding properties are owned by the State of Louisiana. The City of Pineville has a lease on the lake and properties.


In addition to Buhlow Lake, other bodies of water close to Pineville include the giant Catahoula Lake, Cocodrie Lake, Saline Lake, Cotile Lake, Williams Lake, Little River, Walker Lake, Hog Lake, Kincaid Lake, and others. The Red River in downtown Pineville has become a popular spot for boating, fishing, hiking and walking.

Pineville is home to the Old Town Hall Museum, the only museum in Louisiana dedicated to municipal government. Visit the City of Pineville's web site for more information about the museum.

It is also the site of several significant and historic cemeteries some of which date to the 1700s. The historic Rapides Cemetery is located on the banks of the Red River in downtown Pineville, and is the oldest cemetery in Rapides Parish.

The Alexandria National Cemetery, located in Pineville on East Shamrock Street just off Main Street, was established in 1867 to offer a permanent place of rest for the many Union soldiers who died in Central Louisiana from wounds and disease during the Civil War.

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Historic Rapides Cemetery, Pineville
Historic Rapides Cemetery, Pineville

The areas surrounding Pineville were the site of the massive Louisiana Maneuvers staged just before World War II. A major focal point in the maneuvers was Camp Livingston. In addition, nearby Camp Beauregard and Esler Field were important U.S. Army facilities. The Louisiana Maneuvers Museum tells the story of the massive army maneuvers that prepared the United States for World War II and was centered on several army camps in the Pineville area.

Located on the Red River in downtown Pineville, the Forts Randolph & Fort Buhlow State Historic Site includes a visitor center with exhibits on the Civil War Red River Campaign, an elevated boardwalk around the fort area, with an overlook near the Bailey's Dam site, and an open field for Civil War re-enactments. Forts Randolph & Buhlow were placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1981.

Pineville is also the site for the Louisiana Korean War Memorial, at Kees Park. The "Freedom Is Not Free" memorial was erected and maintained by Crossroads Chapter 205 of the Korean War Veterans Association.

Just northeast of Pineville is located the Maryhill Renewal Center, the site of Camp Maryhill and the famous "Star of the Sea" boat house on its lake.

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Pineville Institutions

Pineville today is the home of several large, well known institutions, including Louisiana College, a 4-year college opened in 1906. The college is located on an 81-acre campus with a total of twenty-five academic and residential buildings. It is a private, Baptist coeducational college of liberal arts and sciences with selected professional programs, and has an enrollment near 1,500 students.

Pineville High School, established in 1952, has a long-standing reputation for high quality education, and is supported by a large alumni base dedicated to promoting and preserving the heritage and pride of the school via the PHS Alumni Association. Situated just south of Fort Buhlow Lake, and adjacent to the former site of Sandy Canyon, the school serves the needs of an every-growing population.

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Pineville Louisiana Museum on Main Street
Old Town Hall Museum, Pineville

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